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Camari Consultancy  

Compliance and Quality

In an increasing challenging environment, many organisations are faced with having to do more with less as they attempt to maintain the quality and compliance issues surrounding internal and external audit requirements.  One solution being used is to partner with other businesses to identify areas that can be supported by experienced professionals.  Camari Consultancy has 25 years experience in the voluntary sector and can be that support.  We can offer advice, support and mentoring in Quality Assurance, Government and European Audit requirements.  Government funded programmes such as Employability Training Programmes, Vocational Training, Modern Apprenticeships and many more.  

Community Development

As an associate member of DTAS and an experienced Consultant with over 23 years’ experience, working in management, training and development. Demonstrating a successful record of leading teams in both Private and Voluntary sectors with operations specialising in development, support, risk management, compliance, control measures, funding, systems, processes and procedures.  Consistently accomplish goals inside a pressurised and ever changing environment whilst establishing credible and trusting long term relationships within valuable community development work. 
Specialisations include: 
✲ Influence and negotiation
✲ Community development consultancy 
✲ Risk Management
✲ Training and development techniques
✲ Strategic and analytical mind
✲ Financial, time and process management
✲ Communication skills that inspire, motivate and lead others

Workshops and Courses

Our workshops are made up of one day events in the following areas: 
Personal and Team Development
Management and Leadership
Improving Self-Awareness
Interpersonal Skills
Job Search Skills
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Marketing Basics
Measuring Results From Training
Middle Manager
Negotiation Skills
Networking Outside the Company
Office Politics For Managers
Organisational Skills
Performance Management
Workplace Violence
Customer Service
Administration & Finance
Microsoft Office
Soft Skills
Social Media in the Workplace
And many more, see link above.......

About Us

Every member at Camari Consultancy is an experienced professional who brings distinct strengths and specialities to the business. All Training Consultants have a minimum of 5 years experience in their field and can provide references on request.
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